Breaking my silence allowed me to start truly healing.

There is life after abuse, I am living proof of it. I hope that by sharing my story, other survivors who continue to suffer in silence can find strength to share their stories too. There is so much shame surrounding sexual abuse. My goal is to change the dialogue, so people feel safe about coming forward to report these horrific crimes.

White Picket Monsters

White Picket Monsters is my personal story about being abused as a child and learning to use my experiences as an impetus to help others. While White Picket Monsters details horrific accounts of manipulation, sexual exploitation, and extreme violence, it’s really a story of survival, and perseverance. The purpose of this story is to let others know that they aren’t alone and there is hope for victims of child abuse.

Finding Hope and Healing

My father sexually abused me for over 12 years and instead of protecting me, my mother tortured me. Daily, I was punished with excessive physical and mental abuse.

In a shaky voice, I told my story for the first time in 2011. Since then, I have spoken out many times and my voice continues to get stronger. Yours can too. There is hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Silence protects the monsters that hurt children. It allows them to continue the abuse quietly behind closed doors and white picket fences. There is life after sexual abuse. The road may be long and winding but with supportive family, friends, and resources, we have a much better chance of following the right path.

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There were so many red flags throughout my childhood—times when authorities could have intervened. Everyone in the community, including all levels of government, plays a role in preventing child abuse.

Please don’t ever turn a blind eye on a child – you may be the only chance they have.

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