Gallery 4

  • Face Smashed?

    Face Smashed?

    This Fellow looks like he may have had better days

  • Clowning around

    Clowning around

    He may have woken up on the wrong side of the bed this morning

  • Creepy Hands!

    Creepy Hands!

    I don't actually want to know what left a hand print like that!

  • SMILE!


    Scary Smiles!

  • Masks Up

    Masks Up

    Zombified from breathing in the wrong air.

  • Operation!


    Who's Next?

  • Decapitated


    We won't actually cut your head off... OF course we can't speak for crazy clowns

  • Jason Visits

    Jason Visits

    This may not be JASON but he is pretty similar.

  • Hooded Figure

    Hooded Figure

    He'll probably eat your face... just saying.

  • Scary Spiders

    Scary Spiders

    Located inside Terror Town, there may be a large nest of terrifying Spiders...

  • Zombie Girl

    Zombie Girl

    This is what everyone looks like when you have HALF YOUR FACE TORN OFF!

  • Demon Man

    Demon Man

    All Dressed up to Thrill. Be careful!