The Scariest Haunted House ever held in St. John's. Prepare for the fright of your life.

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Week One
Saturday, OCT 4th – 7pm – 10pm
Sunday, OCT 5th – 7pm – 10pm

Week Two
Thursday, OCT 9th – 7pm – 10pm
Friday, OCT 10th – 7pm – 12pm
Saturday, OCT 11th – 7pm – 12pm
Sunday, OCT 12th – 7pm – 10pm

Week Three
Thursday, OCT 16th – 7pm – 10pm
Friday, OCT 17th – 7pm – 11pm
Saturday, OCT 18th – 7pm – 11pm
Sunday, OCT 19th – 7pm – 10pm

Week Four
Monday OCT 20th MATINEE – 6pm – 8pm
Thursday, OCT 23rd – 7pm – 10pm
Friday, OCT 24th – closed due to technical issues
Saturday, OCT 25th – closed due to technical issues
Sunday, OCT 26th – closed due to technical issues

Final Week
Monday OCT 27th MATINEE – Postponed
Thursday, OCT 30th – 7pm – 10pm
Friday, OCT 31st – 7pm – 11pm
Saturday, NOV 1st – 7pm – 11pm
Sunday, NOV 2nd – 7pm – 10pm

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Address:  10 Pearl Place, St. John’s Newfoundland